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In-Person and Online Personal Trainers

Whether you’re starting your fitness journey for the first time, or starting over... WE GOT YOU.



We have almost 25 years of combined experience to help you reach all your fitness goals!

What Our Clients Have To Say...

Photo of personal training client Trevor Weitzel

I've tried a number of personal trainers in Scottsdale and the dynamic duo of Matt and Hannah are by far the best. I love how they customize programs based on my needs and help motivate me to stay consistent and get the results I want.



Personal Training Services

If you’re ready to start a new fitness journey or get back to where you once were, we got you! We have almost 25 years of combined experience to help you reach all your goals!

In-Home Personal Training

If you're in the Phoenix area, Matt & Hannah will train you in the comfort of your own home.

In-Studio Personal Training

Matt & Hannah can also train you in-studio at their gym in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ.

Virtual Personal Training

If online training sessions are more your speed, Matt & Hannah can accommodate!

Praise and Testimonials

Photo of personal training client Vicki Hauser

Matt is a no-nonsense-type of trainer and wants people to strive to reach their personal goals.


Photo of Tashina Schimming

I love my sessions with Hannah even though they are super challenging because I KNOW that my body is transforming.


Photo of Laura Intfen

Matt is the perfect combination of the most strict coach you can imagine and the most inspiring cheerleader you have ever had.


Sara Berry

Hannah is such an inspiration and teaches by skill AND example.


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Why Choose Matt & Hannah?

We are just as tired of the perfect Instagram ‘fitness models’ as you are. That’s not real life!

We know that life can be messy and fitness can be overwhelming. Let us help.

We get results for our clients because there is purpose behind every movement, not just a list of exercises with no clear goal….and because we care about YOU and your personal goals!

We base all of our programs on science…but we add the FUN and REALNESS that is sadly missing from the fitness world. Our methods will teach you to move safely to create a solid foundation, and then how to build on that foundation to become stronger and fitter than you ever thought possible.

We know that you are unique and have your own individual strengths and imbalances. We will help you find the PERFECT program for you.

We are going to help you safely create balance so you can move freely, without pain, and build your body up instead of breaking down year after year.

Let us teach you how to enjoy a happy, fit body, and create a healthy lifestyle of fitness for years and years!

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